Let the Moon Bring Us Together(title) - A Kaleidoscope of Traditional Chinese Performing Arts (subtitle) is the very first show of the planed Huayun (Charms of China) Variety Show Series. As a spectacle, Let the Moon Bring Us Together is designed as a variety show for the traditional Chinese Moon festival celebrations of overseas Chinese as well as non-Chinese audiences to provide them with a feast of assorted genres of Chinese performing arts including traditional Chinese music, dance, opera, acrobat, martial arts, magic show, comic show, fashion show, and puppet show, while revealing the thousands-year old Chinese dream – all under the heaven become one family.
The Chinese Moon Festival is one of the two most important traditional Chinese festivals (the other being Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year) and focuses on family reunion. The title of the show is inspired by the oft-quoted and widely loved Chinese verse on Moon Festival by the Song Dynasty (960-1127) poet Su Shi, which says families thousand miles apart can also experience reunion through their common love and appreciation for the beautiful full moon of the Festival (lunar calendar August 15th). It is widely cited as a metaphor that people all over the world can be brought together by things they all love and appreciate.
Like a symphony with four movements, let the Moon Bring us Together is uniquely structured with four acts called Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, each of which in turn contains 3 to 6 items to feature different genres of Chinese performing arts.

Act One: Winter

Item 1: Dance "Snowflake Dance"
This is a dance performed by 16 snowflakes-like lady dancers dressed in floating and falling snowflakes, the tranquility and mystery of which will bring the audience into the dreamy world of legend.
Item 2: Acrobatics · soft-body work "Ice Flower"
This item is presented by 6 professional "acrobatic princesses", who won awards at international acrobatics competitions.
Item 3: Dance "Chang'e Flying to the Moon"
This dance tells the old story of Chang’e, who flew to the moon after taking the elixir from a goddess, and Chang’s husband Houyi has since been longing to fly to the moon and reunite with his wife.

Act Two: Spring

Item 4: Dance "Carnival in Forest"
In a mysterious forest of big trees and hanging vines, all kinds of animals are gathering for a spectacular carnival, presenting a colorful and harmonious eco-garden view for the audience.
Item 5: Acrobatics "Straw Hat"
This is one of the most popular traditional Chinese acrobatics work, which requires a high level of coordination of the performers. The straw hats flying in the air forms magnificent pictures.Item 6: Clown show "Panda Baby"
Panda shaped clowns will ride wheelbarrows on a rope and make scary but funny moves to entertain the audience
Item 7: Acrobatics · Hand Skills "Kaleidoscope"
Chinese hand skill performance has a history of more than two thousand years. It has now reached a very high level with performers throwing a variety of objects such as balls, sticks, plates, knives, circles, racket, etc. into the air repeatedly to form different patterns you see in a kaleidoscope.
Item 8: Magic Dance "The Beautiful Peacock"
Traditional Chinese magic, instrumental music, and dance "Spirit of Birds" are integrated in this item to bring out the romantic scenery and atmosphere of southwestern China, habituated mainly by Thai and Miao ethnic minorities.
Item 9: Acrobatics · Hula Hoop Game "Fetching the Moon"
In this item, the famous Chinese fable “Fetching the Moon” is combined with the group hula hoop game, making the acrobatic game more interesting and meaningful.

Act Three: Summer

Item 10: Chinese Instrumental Music with Dance "Home of the Moon"
This item features five musicians of Chinese instruments, one of whom rides a small boat onto the stage with the other four standing and playing in the background. Accompanied by the lively Silk-bamboo music, two dancers will present a duet in the mist of dry ice, making the scene as beautiful as fairyland.
Item 11: Dance "Fishes of the Love River"
Inspired by mermaids of Western fairy tale as well as fishes in traditional Chinese folk paintings, the images and movements of the fishes in this modern dance are lively as well as lovely, create a splendid sparkling scene of a rive full of fishes and love.
Item 12: Tenor Solo: Nessun Dorma by Puccini

Act Four: Autumn

Item 13: Beijing Opera "Flowers Blossoming under the Full Moon"
Beijing Opera, with a unique and extremely rich tradition in its singing, acting, costumes, types of facial makeup, martial arts, etc., is considered China’s national opera and one of the three major dramatical systems of the world. This item, combining the traditional singing and acting of Beijing Opera with modern dance and symphonic accompaniment, represents an effort in preserving, reforming and promoting China’s traditional operas.
Item 14: Acrobatic Martial Arts "Charm of the Chinese Martial Arts"
Mingling artistically the Chinese acrobatics, martial arts, Tai Chi, classic dance and music in one performance, this multi-element item demonstrates the timeless charm of Chinese performing arts and won the Gold Medal at 2015 World Acrobatic Competition 
Item 15: Grand Finale "Let the Moon Bring Us Together"
Large-scale song and dance performances, all participating performers sing with the music and invite audience to the stage and join the celebration for the successful performance and grand reunion.